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Detectando dead links

Estuve investigando un poco y el sistema que me había inventado para detectar cuando un cliente o el servidor se quedan sin conexión es más o menos acertado. Es bastante sencillo, solamente se mantiene un registro por cada conexión activa del tiempo del último paquete recibido. Se chequea periódicamente cuánto ha pasado dese que hubo actividad de red por última vez y si excede un valor establecido entonces el enlace está muerto. Esto implica además que hay que enviar unos pings que mantengan la conexión viva.
Ya estoy trabajando en implementarlo.


  1. hi thank you for regularly checking my blog, and my progress :). I added your blog to my links page, so I am also going to stop by some times, to check what new is happening.

    BTW current engine , didn't came up as flexible and easy to use as expected, maybe it is because it was my first attempt to create something functional, so I did miss some points in the development.

    Right now the engine is in a such weak status, that it can't be used to build any game, but I am planning on releasing the source code, once the game is finished or later on. So everyone can benefit from my experience problems and solutions.

  2. It is good to hear that you will release your code. Sometimes helps a lot to take a look at someones else work.
    Dont worry about current status, you have a lot of work done and I think that you can go very far.


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