Nuevas ideas geniales

Hace unos días descubrí DNT, que me hizo replantearme el camino que estaba tomando con el diseño del juego. Mi idea original era introducir un toque humorístico similar al de Fallout, pero que también se aproximara a Mundodisco. Y realmente las cosas no iban por ahí de ninguna manera.
Luego de jugar unos minutos la versión actual (que realmente tiene muy poco, una pena) me percaté de mi error y encontré el camino a seguir.
Como muestra, aquí les va una nueva profesión que no estaba en el diseño original y una raza:
Street musician
You can find these lazybones all around Elymuria, making terrible noises with their so called "instruments". And they even ask to be paid for it! Musicians are used to live from hand to mouth, so they are expert assessing the true value of whatever item they can put their hands on. They get a +3 charisma bonus, +2 to Barter and +2 to Lore, but also get a -2 to Strenght, as they cant hold anything heavier than a guitar.
Varsois are the most widely spread specie in Elymuria, not counting cockroaches and mosquitoes. They are a branch of Elders, originated when some low class Elders and serfs migrated to the east. All this, they strongly deny, of course, telling instead an unbelievable story about divine warriors who fought alongside the Elder Gods against the Ancient Dragons and and received as reward the large plains that once were the Varsoi Empire.
They are good traders, famous explorers, soldiers, mages, and basically, make a point of letting others know they are good at everything.

Mil gracias a Daisy por las correcciones a la traducción.